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How The President's Budget Would Look In 2023

Our next blog post in our series analyzing the President's bud

The Sequester and the Baseline

Since the President's budget was released last week, the

How the President's Budget Deals With Temporary Policies

A common affliction of the federal government in recent years has been the many temporary exte

CRFB Breaks Down the President's Budget

Yesterday, we took our first look at the President's FY 2014 Budget, which put forwa

The President's Budget, In One Table

Update: The table and text have been updated to include the baselines in the House and Senate budget resolutions.

An Overview of the President's Budget

While we will have detailed analysis of various parts of t

The Budget is Here

President Obama has just released his FY 2014 budget proposal, putting forward his last

What Will Likely Be In The President's Budget

The FY 2014 President's Budget will not be released until next Wednesday, April 10th, but already some details about what will be in the budget h

The Latest Official Sequester Numbers

On Friday, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released its latest detailed