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The Swiss Version of a Balanced Budget Amendment

As part of a celebration of Albert Gallatin's upcoming 250th birthday the Swiss Embassy held a panel discussing the Swiss federal government's &...

MARKETWATCH: June 11, 2010

U.S. financial markets this week have continued to be dominated by global capital seeking a safe haven in U.S.

Weekend Editorial Roundup

Here are the highlights from this weekend’s editorials on fiscal and budget policy:

OECD on the Fiscal Outlook: The Way Forward

The OECD (the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Paris-based think tank for the 31 richest countries) released its twi
May 18, 2010 | Blog Paper Press Release

Britain's Spending Cuts

With a new government in place, the UK is moving fast to tri

MARKETWATCH THIS WEEK Is It Good to Be A Safe Haven?

U.S. markets continued to be dominated this week by the continuing roller coaster ride from the Greek (and eurozone) debt crisis.
May 11, 2010 | Blog Paper Press Release

Fed Restarts Foreign Currency Swaps

In a release late Sunday night, the Fed announced that it has

‘Line’ Items: Greek Tragedy Edition

From Sophisticated to Sophocles – The untangling of the complex web of financial manipulation and deceit arising from the &l