Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

FY 2015 Budget

OMB Releases Long-Term Projections for the FY2015 Budget Proposal

OMB just published additional information, explanations, tables, and projections related to this year's budget -- known as the

How Low Could Debt Go?

We talked last week about several policies making their first appearance in the Pre

How the President's Budget Deals with the Sequester

On Tuesday, the President released his budget, detailing

Everything You Need to Know About the President's Budget, In 9 Charts

On Tuesday, the President released his annual budget proposal, which details his priorities for FY 2015 as well as the coming decade.

What's New in the President's Budget?

With the release of the FY 2015 President's budget, the O

The President's Budget Puts the Debt on a Downward Path? Not So Fast...

OMB's projections for the President's FY2015 budget show the debt falling from a post-WWII record next year of nearly 75 percent of GDP down to 69

CRFB's Analysis of the FY 2015 President's Budget

The President's budget is here, and so is CRFB's analysis

The President's FY2015 Budget

This morning, President Obama released his FY2015 budget, outlining the priorities for

Look Out for Gimmicks!

The President is scheduled to release his budget tomorrow, which will detail his policy priorities for the coming decade.

Deficit Reduction Proposals in the President's Last Budget

Tomorrow, President Obama will release his FY2015 budget, which will detail his visions and priorities for the upcoming years.