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FY 2011 Budget

CBO/JCT Reports Roundup

 A number of very interesting and relevant government reports came out this week. Check them out: 

Budget Reform Proposals in the President's FY 2011 Budget

Although our initial analysis of the President's Budget focused on his te

Stimulus Proposals in the President's Budget

In the budget released last week, the President outlined his vision for a

Does the President's Budget Increase the Deficit or Reduce It? (The Answer Depends on Your Baseline)

According to Obama Administraton, the President's FY2011 reduces the ten-year deficit by $2.1 trillion; or $1.2 trillion if the savings from the I

What Will the Budget Look Like in 2020?

In our Analysis of the President's FY 2011 Budget, we discussed that

Can Anyone Clip Byrd Scholarships' Wings?

Once again, a president is trying to get rid of a “small” scholarship program tucked away in the Department of Education.

Still Budgeting Through Footnotes in FY 2011

A few months ago, we pointed out that the Administration was cheating in its Mid-Se

Freeze Leaves Some Cold, Some Toasty

Today, CRFB released our Analysis of the President's FY 2011 Budget. We will be following-up here at The Bottom Line with shorter analyses discussing...

CRFB in the News

With the release of the President's budget yesterday, CRFB has received a ton of media coverage, including The Washington Post, Financial Times, CNN...