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FY 2011 Budget

CBO/JCT Reports Roundup

A number of very interesting and relevant government reports came out this week. Check them out:

The Costs of Current Policies

This morning, we released our review of CBO's Analysis of the President's

‘Line’ Items: March Madness Edition

The madness tipped off last week – Across the country curious spectators kept constant tabs on the latest action,

‘Line’ Items: Health Care Moves, Budget Doesn’t

Health Care Reform Moves Toward Showdown – The House Budget Committee today voted to push health care legislation forward.

Costs of Policy Changes under President's Budget

CRFB has updated its comparisons of the costs of the President's proposed policies -- outlined in the

More Analysis of the President's Budget

On Friday, the Congressional Budget Office released its Prelimina

Deadlines Are Made To Be Broken

 Here's a good one for you: Using the House legislative calendar as a guide, as of March 10, Congress will have 16 legislative days to enact a

‘Line’ Items: Oscars Edition

Temporary Tax Extensions Avoid “The Hurt Locker” – The Senate passed H.R.

CBO Releases its Preliminary Analysis of the President's Budget

This afternoon CBO released its preliminary analysis of the President’