Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

FY 2011 Budget

CRFB Comments on Administration Budget

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget today applauded President Obama for proposing a specific fiscal goal in his Fisc

President Releases $3.8 Trillion Budget

President Obama released a Fiscal 2011 budget request today that would spend some $3.8

On the President's Spending Cuts....

Yesterday -- citing CRFB's work -- The Stephen Di

House Sustains Obama Veto of CR; Budgeteers Yawn

The House voted Wednesday to sustain President Obama's veto of a Continuing Resolution to keep the government funded. Huh? Confused? Why wasn't this...

Tough Challenge Facing Obama Administration in Last Days of Budget Deliberations

Today’s New York Times article on the difficulty President Obama faces in keeping his promise about deficit reduction and tax cuts,

Since We've Been Gone...

We hope all of our readers had very happy holidays.

What Happened to the President's Spending Cuts?

Yesterday, on the heels of President Obama signing a $1.1 trillion "minibus" CRFB released a paper on the importance of controlling...