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Budget Process and Rules

Deficit Hawks Love their Cake

Over the weekend one of our favorite bloggers, EconomistMom, joined an important discussion prompted by a Stan Collender blog that called out deficit...

David Walker and the Federal Deficit on NPR

This morning on NPR’s Morning Edition one of our board members, David Walker, discussed his new book, Comeback America: Turning

Fiscal Policy Rules: What Works

Last month, the International Monetary Fund released a report identifying succ

Event Recap: Release of 'Red Ink Rising'

On December 14, the Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform

Peterson-Pew in the Press

The Peterson-Pew Commission’s “Red Ink Rising” plan for American lawmakers has earned s

Another Issue with Using TARP Funds for Other Purposes

According to a Donald Marron, reallocating TARP funds to use

CRFB's MacGuineas Calls for Budget Reform

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget president Maya MacGuineas has an

TARP: Offset or Gimmick?

In his speech today, President Obama proposed reducing the amount of money available in the TARP fund to pay for the

Weekend Editorial Roundup

Here are the highlights from this weekend’s editorials on fiscal and budget policy:

Bad Budget Concepts and The Case of Student Loans

Sometimes, the way we score certain items in the budget leads to sub-optimal policy choices. For example, as we explained recently, the long-term...