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Are We Borrowing a Million Dollars a Minute?

In talking about foreign aid in the context of his proposed budgets, Sen.
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Has the Military Been Cut 25 Percent?

During last night's debate, Gov.
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Did President Reagan Expand Medicaid “Three or Four Times”?

At last night’s Republican presidential debate in Cleveland, a number of claims were made related to the budget and fiscal policy. Gov.

Live-Tweeting the First GOP Primary Debate

As the 2016 election officially kicks off with the first Republican presidential primary debates in Cleveland tonight, our friends over at Fix

CRFB and FTD Publish 16 Budget Myths to Watch Out For in the 2016 Campaign

The next President will need to confront a number of budgetary challenges and will likely sign into law many federal tax and spending changes. But...
Maya MacGuineas

Maya MacGuineas: Debunking Budget Myths Before They Become Part of 2016 Campaign

Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, wrote a commentary that appeared in the Wall Street Journal Washington...

Fiscal FactCheck: 16 Budget Myths to Watch Out For in the 2016 Campaign

Update: The original version of this paper had a mathematical typo, saying that Medicare beneficiaries get, on average, 3

Can We Solve Our Debt Situation by Cutting Waste, Fraud, Abuse, Earmarks, and/or Foreign Aid?

When asked how they will fix the debt, many candidates may point to seemingly painless solutions such as reducing fraud, ending earmarks, or cuttin